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Sound & Gong Baths (Group)

prices start at £15 depending on venue


Mindful Gong  - A chance for you to totally relax, forget your problems and be bathed and soothed in sound.  Find a space on the floor, lie down, be wrapped in blankets, with your knees supported with cushions, close your eyes and let the journey into The Gong Space begin.


Full Moon or Equinox Sound & Gong - Just the same as above, but starting  with a longer more focused meditation, perhaps setting a personal intention for the Gong Bath.  I love the Moon, Stars, Sun and the beauty and the wonder of the Universe and I love to celebrate it!  


A Gong Bath usually lasts just over an hour, unless specified, including time for grounding at the end of the session.  But, if you would like to arrange for a longer session, as a 1-2-1 or with a group of your friends this can be arranged.


Sound & Gong Journey

(For Individuals £50, Couples £60 & Small Groups tba)


A specially individualised Sound & Gong Bath Sound Journey designed with just you in mind. A deeply meditative experience for your mind, body and spirit.  A chance to journey deeper into sound healing with other instruments and techniques.


Sound & Gong Journeys. last for an hour and a half and normally take place in Croxley Green.

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